New work – Beans jewellery box and counter display

Creative Brief

Develop a concept for a generic box to hold handmade-in-Mexico bracelets (silver + various natural dried beans, including coffee). Develop a way to merchandize the boxes in cafe environment.

Our Solution

Based on product measurements and client input we have created a windowed book-type box made out of sturdy craft board.


beans_single box_2_with label

beans_single box_2_OPEN_small


This screenshot shows the construction of the box.

Out sketches are done in Sketchup where visualization of simple things can near-effortless, and, therefore, cost-effective.

Now, to hold this package close to the customer in a neat fashion we need a solution for a display fixture.

La solución numero uno. “Beans on pins”.


Metal pins strategically affixed inside a wooded box can hold several rows of boxes. The boxes are arranged on an original grid and look very orderly. But this may require to be placed on a separate table or hung on a wall.

La solución numero dos. “Line of beans”



This economical countertop merchandizer is cheap to make and neat to display in any existing space. The slanted front surface allows for an effective display of the brand name and any additional info, while maximizing visibility for the product.

With luck, this will be seen in select Toronto cafes soon.