Burnbrae Farms – 3D Renderings

Real 3D allows us to create compositions of product lines as required. New product added? Not a problem. Add it to the scene and hit “Render” button again. This is the magic of our own workflow developed to streamline graphical representation of packaging. Please call and we’ll be happy to help.

New work – Beans jewellery box and counter display

Creative Brief

Develop a concept for a generic box to hold handmade-in-Mexico bracelets (silver + various natural dried beans, including coffee). Develop a way to merchandize the boxes in cafe environment.

Our Solution

Based on product measurements and client input we have created a windowed book-type box made out of sturdy craft board.


beans_single box_2_with label

beans_single box_2_OPEN_small


This screenshot shows the construction of the box.

Out sketches are done in Sketchup where visualization of simple things can near-effortless, and, therefore, cost-effective.

Now, to hold this package close to the customer in a neat fashion we need a solution for a display fixture.

La solución numero uno. “Beans on pins”.


Metal pins strategically affixed inside a wooded box can hold several rows of boxes. The boxes are arranged on an original grid and look very orderly. But this may require to be placed on a separate table or hung on a wall.

La solución numero dos. “Line of beans”



This economical countertop merchandizer is cheap to make and neat to display in any existing space. The slanted front surface allows for an effective display of the brand name and any additional info, while maximizing visibility for the product.

With luck, this will be seen in select Toronto cafes soon.


Chatr Wireless – POS – Christmas 2011

Store displays for Christmas 2011, yes, so last year

Store displays for Christmas 2011, yes, so last year

Custom-made in-store cardboard “toy”. Branded to compliment store interiors and create Christmas mood.

Concept development and pitch – Transcontinental Printing 2005 G.P.

chatr ribbon small

In the Raw – Stevia – 3D renderings

Stevia in the raw - 3D rendering - 50g with sachet

Stevia in the Raw – 3D rendering – 50g with sachet (c) Cumberland Packaging Corp.


Stevia in the Raw – 3D rendering – 800 pk box (c) Cumberland Packaging Corp.



CASE STUDY – Seenergy Foods packaging design


Creative Brief

Seenergy Foods manufactures individually quick-frozen grains (IQF) and sells them under private brands owned in Canada by Loblaws and other chains. Capitalizing on their success, they asked us to create a packaging proposal for the US market. Their own brand was tentatively called Grain Effect. The company wanted to start with a line of rice products. These fully cooked rice products were going to be packaged in 30-oz cartons (3 microwaveable pouches in each) and sold in the frozen section – ideally as a competition to the likes of Uncle Ben’s. Frozen section is always full of of all kinds of packages so it’s difficult to stand out, especially because the client had never had any shelf presence. The competitive advantage? The products were “all-natural” and some were organic.

Our Process

We decided to start with branding and explored a number of concepts addressing different sets of benefits.

seenergy story1-01The client selected a heart shape around youthful growth of a cereal. This is probably the best choice, but there were other rounds:

seenergy2We thought the “LOVE” banner created a stronger emotion, but the client wanted the logo to be compact. The chopped banner was approved. Now it was time to choose and fine-tune logo colours. 2- and 3-colour combinations in the earthy, natural, youthful palettes.


We also looked for a more effective option for the wordmark.


Note that the word “coloured” has Canadian spelling (;

This summarizes several rounds of logo development… It’s about to get signed on. One little thing, though. The brand is now to be called Grain Cuisine!

seenergy5OK, sure. Oops! Simple retyping didn’t work very well.

As soon as this is approved, we focus on package development. Most often it is done by designing the front panel. After all, this is the panel that will be facing the customer in the store and will serve as the “billboard” for the brand. We establish a design direction, then go through several rounds of fine-tuning to make the client happy. Looks like the client wants to go with the brown header across the top.

seenergy6Beautiful photography by a friendly photo studio:

seenergy7Rice is a staple in many Asian cultures, but there is a way to make it look desirable, cosmopolitan and awesome to the American consumer. The formula “health is wealth” gets a visual.

We’re getting close to finalizing the front of the package. Artwork now goes into production. To prepare it for printing the production department needs to check the dieline, panel orientation, regulatory information, including nutrition, net weight, UPC and health claims, colours and proofread the copy. More technical stuff is being discussed, such as line weight, type size, spot colour vs process. We also talk about how this product is going to be merchandised. Some stores may not have enough space to display all the front panels, so we have to plan for the side panel being a “secondary face panel”. The NLEA is required by the FDA to be to the right of the front panel. However, everybody would like the product to occupy as much space as possible.

SF_dieline A few more days and we have a final for the flagship SKU, Brown Rice:

SF_Brown_Rice_30oz_box3More little layout changes and the rollout of the rest of the line. Brown. Jasmine. Basmati. Brown and Wild Blend.

seenergy8SKU colours reinforce the natural and the earthly. They are also selected so as to permit further expansion of the product line.

Our work is completed. At the end it’s always good to look at the whole line from various angles.