I need it ASAP

Q. How long does “design” take?

A. Design work can take anywhere between a blink of an eye and eternity.

To formulate better, an idea can come to the designer’s head quickly. Everything else can take time. Online research, actual store visits, browsing through legacy art and competition pictures. Looking for inspiration, looking for trends, for ways to be fresh and cover all client requirements.

In any case, a designer needs some time to realize his or her ideas on the computer and make a decent presentation for the client. That’s a few hours right there :)

Q&A – Small or large?

Q. Do you design for small businesses or large corporations? What is the difference?

A. The design process is essentially the same. We sit down, we talk, we doodle, we draw, we think, we talk again, we research, play with colours and shapes, we come up with concepts, select winning ideas. We present the clients with a variety of options, each with its meaning explained. Often all concepts are plotted on a positioning chart. We recommend the option we like best. Then our clients select something and send us to refine. This creates several more rounds of options. And then the clients change their minds.

The difference? Big people pay a lot more, it’s lucrative business for us. But they will normally select a logo that is “safe” to show to all audiences. Nothing revolutionary, often a cautious refresh. Another iteration of an already working logo concept which has been used for years. Things will not move until everything is approved by a group (or chain) of decision-makers up to the highest level.

Small people – a mom-and-pop shop next door, your friend’s nail studio – will pay little, if anything. But here it’s sometimes possible for us to really create and get approved a great design.

Over the years we have worked for big and small names alike. For reasons of money and creativity we like to keep a balance of big and small clients. Something that never changes is a change of mind at the last minute :)